Warranty and Service Call Information

We warrant our installation from any defects from faulty installation for a period of 1 year.

 Any modifications to the work performed will void the guarantee and guarantee is not extended to any other un-worked part connected to this approved request. 

Warranty does not cover any damage caused by natural change in physical appearance of wood beyond the control of the treated wood product, including but not limited to cracking, checking, cupping, and warping of the wood and normal wear and tear if installed with a wood frame deck system.

  Warranty will not cover the cost of leak repair if the issue was caused by fire, lightning, high winds (tropical storm force winds or greater), hail, earthquakes, negligent acts, pre-existing or future construction defects caused by storms or other contractors defects, misuse, vandalism or loss of integrity of the structure. 

All products have a manufacturer defect lifetime or limited lifetime warranty.  

Service calls for unwarranted items are billed at $89.95/hour (1 hour minimum).  Trip charges outside a 35 mile radius are billed at $50.00.  Trip charges outside a 70 mile radius and greater are billed at $100.00.  

Unpaid bills and contracts voids all warranties until paid in full plus interest.